«**** I enjoyed the book and there was nothing I disliked about it.»

deBrabander_frontcover__64457.1611673224On ‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ by Eric de Brabander on OnlineBookClub.org, 17 December 2021:
(…) I must commend the skillful and artistic nature of the author’s writing, which was showcased through this book. One of them was through the employment of suspense. The effect of suspense was heightened through the different sub-topics and the process by which they were connected, as well as the use of highly descriptive words. This made for a more interesting read. The plot was purely inorganic, but they all joined together to make an epic storyline. The book gave the dates and locations of events, which helped in creating pictorial images, and the language used made the book easy to read and understand. It contained a little bit of Spanish, which made me love it more as I got to learn a few words. (…) Another unique and lovable thing about this book was its characters and characterization. They were so unique and fun to read about. Through each character, the author was able to successfully explain his points and tell his story through them. I admire the friendship between Francisco and Boeïs and the mentorship and leadership of Henrique Galvão. He was like a hope-giver, and it amazes me how much they looked up to him. The part where Francisco and Toni met was emotional for me. I was really glad that they got to it. (…) I enjoyed the book and there was nothing I disliked about it. It had an unpredictable storyline filled with twists and turns and addressed critical and mind-provoking issues. It was also professionally edited, as I noticed just a few minor errors that were not impeding. For these reasons, I rate this book four out of four stars.
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