«Struggles from a dreamy teenager.» – Rosemarijn Hoefte

voorplatFluit1-75Over ‘Bāṉsuṟi ke gam: Het verdriet van de fluit’ van Saya Yasmine Amores in New West Indian Guide [nr.96], april 2022
(…) Rosemarijn Hoefte has kindly provided an overview of recent Dutch-language books that may be of interest to our readers. (… ) Saya Yasmine Amores’s ‘Bāṉsuṟi ke gam: Het verdriet van de fluit’ (Haarlem, the Netherlands: In de Knipscheer, 2020, paper € 17.50) came out about a year before her death in 2021. Previously known as Cándani, she was the first female poet who wrote in Sarnámi-Hindostani (1990). Her latest volume includes 35 poems in Sarnámi, with Dutch translations, from a dreamy teenager who, like Carla van Leeuwen in ‘Because en andere gedichten’, also struggles to belong in times of uncertainty and hardship.
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