Writers Blog: Slow Train To Spain [2]

FotoLogoMrsPear2Over ‘The Wonderful Disappearance of Mrs. Pear’ van Roni Klinkhamer, 22 maart 2023:
A Writers Blog that takes itself seriously should start wrong. Why should it start right? It’s after all a writer’s blog. The writer is kinda constipated, litterarily, and writing anyhow is kinda taking some pills to get rid of the blog. So to make things clear: Writers Blog 1 was dealing with Mrs. Pear. I am not Mrs. Pear. My name is Roni, and as the writer of the very promising new novel ‘The Wonderful Disappearance of Mrs.Pear’ it seemed a good idea for a wrong start of the new Writers Blog to take one of the first parts of the new novel-to-be, to make the reader curious about the New Novel, while gloating about this Writers Blog in the meantime. (…)
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