Harry Hoogstraten – Boxing Days. Poems & Visuals 1975-1979

Harry Hoogstraten
Boxing Days
Poems & Visuals 1975-1979
Paperback 144 blz.,
ISBN 90-6265-038-4
Eerste uitgave 1979

«Harry Hoogstraten of Amsterdam is an international poet, writing in almost any language you can name. His American poems are pure pop art – he can deadpan in the funniest way. About the most ordinary occurrence. His love poems are sexy and outrageous and his long political poems have wonderful sounds in Dutch.
Welcome Harry to the stage!»

Harry Hoogstraten was born 12 September 1941 in Amsterdam Holland. Somewhere at the age of 18 he set out to travel the globe and has since lived in England, Italy, Greece, India, Japan, America, Denmark and Ireland and presently again in Amsterdam.
He has read his Dutch and English poems to audiences in most parts of Europe and also in many places big and small in America. His poems have been recorded on tape as well as for Dutch and American radio.
His visual works have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Münster, Venice, Singapore, Tokyo and other places.
His book of poems include From the field (1968), Onze ramen op het oosten (1978) and Kiekjes (1979).