Scott Rollins’ Choice: Boeli van Leeuwen and Rob Verschuren

boelivanleeuwen23[ portret Nicolaas Porter ]

Scott Rollins over ‘The Sign of Jonah’ and ‘Tyfoon’ op The Low Countries,  17 augustus 2023:

Every month, a translator of Dutch into English gives literary tips by answering two questions: which translated book by a Flemish or Dutch author should everyone read? And, which book absolutely deserves an English translation? To get publishers excited, an excerpt has already been translated. This time you will read the choice of Scott Rollins, who has been a cultural entrepreneur for nearly fifty years working as a translator, editor, writer, publisher and music maker. Some of his translations include a volume of Selected Poems by Bernlef, non-fiction by Jan Brokken on the music of the Netherlands Antilles and early work by Leon de Winter. His Translator’s Pick are: (Must-read) ‘The Sign of Jonah’ by Boeli van Leeuwen and  (To be translated) ‘Tyfoon’ by Rob Verschuren.
The Low Countries (High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands) is het Engelstalige, digitale tijdschrift van Ons Erfdeel.
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