«**** I enjoyed the book and there was nothing I disliked about it.»

deBrabander_frontcover__64457.1611673224On ‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ by Eric de Brabander on OnlineBookClub.org, 17 December 2021:
(…) I must commend the skillful and artistic nature of the author’s writing, which was showcased through this book. One of them was through the employment of suspense. The effect of suspense was heightened through the different sub-topics and the process by which they were connected, as well as the use of highly descriptive words. This made for a more interesting read. The plot was purely inorganic, but they all joined together to make an epic storyline. The book gave the dates and locations of events, which helped in creating pictorial images, and the language used made the book easy to read and understand. It contained a little bit of Spanish, which made me love it more as I got to learn a few words. (…) Another unique and lovable thing about this book was its characters and characterization. They were so unique and fun to read about. Through each character, the author was able to successfully explain his points and tell his story through them. I admire the friendship between Francisco and Boeïs and the mentorship and leadership of Henrique Galvão. He was like a hope-giver, and it amazes me how much they looked up to him. The part where Francisco and Toni met was emotional for me. I was really glad that they got to it. (…) I enjoyed the book and there was nothing I disliked about it. It had an unpredictable storyline filled with twists and turns and addressed critical and mind-provoking issues. It was also professionally edited, as I noticed just a few minor errors that were not impeding. For these reasons, I rate this book four out of four stars.
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«The author should be commended for his brilliance and artistry skills showcased in this book.»

deBrabander_frontcover__64457.1611673224On ‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ by Eric de Brabander on OnlineBookClub.org, 29 juli 2021
‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ by Eric de Brabander is a story that artistically used racism, family, dictatorship, resistance, and liberty to depict the early colonial times. The author told the story of a man in the 19th century named João Vieira. Due to an unfortunate incident between his dad and the government in power that resulted in his father’s death, João made a resolution to fight against the despotic, autocratic rule of the Salazar’s government. He teamed up with Captain Galvão Henrique and others with like goals. The effect of this action resulted in them not being able to go back to Portugal. Fortunately, the Brazilian government gave them the liberty of accommodation. (…) The plot of the book was incredible. (…) Another intelligent thing about this book was its connection. Although the author made use of an inorganic plot, he still made sure they all ended up connecting with one another, which made the book compelling. (…)
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Eric de Brabander – Vieira’s Supermarket. Novel

deBrabander_frontcover__64457.1611673224Eric de Brabander
Vieira’s Supermarket

fiction – novel
translation by Scott Rollins
gelijmd, 132 blz., $ 13,00 € 15,00
ISBN 978-1-64913-143-0
first edition 2021
Published by Dorrance Publishing Co
in Nederland rechtstreeks te bestellen
bij Uitgeverij in de Knipscheer

Curaçao, 1961. The Portuguese steamship Santa Maria has barely sailed out of the harbor of Willemstad when it is hijacked. The hijackers, freedom fighters, have only one demand: the departure of the dictators Franco and Salazar, from Spain and Portugal, respectively. Salazar’s reign of terror and the resulting economic stagnation prompted an exodus of Portuguese citizens to Latin America during this time, up until the Carnation Revolution of 1974.

Fifty years after the hijacking of the Santa Maria, grocery store owner Francisco Vieira of Curaçao discovers after a mysterious phone call that one of the hijackers is his presumed long-lost father who has been living in Brazil all these years. He decides to go visit him but is confronted with the brutal family history. A history weighed down with guilt and shame, hidden for decades from the world after the hijacking of the Santa Maria. And for good reason.

Eric de Brabander is a Dutch Caribbean author. He has written five novels and a bundle of short stories, was co-writer of two children’s books, and wrote different essays. Reviewers of his novels compared him with the great South American magic realism writers of the twentieth century. De Brabander himself is a book reviewer for a Curaçao newspaper. He is also a dentist and published different scientific articles in international dental journals. He is married and has two kids.

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Boekpresentatie Eric de Brabander op Curaçao

VoorplatBrabanderOnweer-75Het mag weer: een boekpresentatie met publiek! Niet alleen in Nederland, maar ook op Curaçao. Op vrijdag 25 juni 2021 wordt daar van Eric de Brabander zijn eerder dit jaar verschenen verhalenbundel ‘Het geluid van naderend onweer’ gepresenteerd samen met recente vertalingen van twee eerdere romans, te weten ‘E bida infinito di Doña Lisa’ (Papiamentse vertaling van Lucille Berry-Haseth) en ‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ (Engelse vertaling van Scott Rollins). Aan de presentatie werken mee Kees Broere, Lucille Berry-Haseth en (online) Scott Rollins. Plaats van handeling is Landhuis Bloemhof, Santa Rosaweg 6 (naast café ‘Tap Maar In’). U wordt verzocht uw komst vooraf te berichten aan info@bloemhof.cw. De geldende coronaregels zoals social distancing worden in acht genomen.
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Eric de Brabander – E bida infinito di Doña Lisa. Novela

VoorplatLisa-75Eric de Brabander
E bida infinito di Doña Lisa

tradukshon na Papiamentu Lucille Berry-Haseth
vormgeving omslag Cleo Maxime
274 pág., € 18,50
ISBN 978-94-93214-15-6
yanüari 2021

Het hiernamaals van Doña Lisa is de eerste roman Van Eric de Brabander (Curaçao, 1953). Hij studeerde tandheelkunde in Nederland, werkte enige tijd aan een universiteit in New York en keerde daarna definitief terug naar Curaçao. Het hiernamaals van Doña Lisa verscheen in 2009. Daarna volgden in Hot Brazilian Wax of het Requiem van Arthur Booi in 2011, De supermarkt van Vieira in 2013, Het dilemma van Otto Warburg in 2016 en De vergankelijkheid der dingen in 2018.

Van Het hiernamaals van Doña Lisa verschijnt in januari 2021 bij Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer een Papiamantstalige editie, E bida infinito di Doña Lisa, in een vertaling van Lucille Berry-Haseth. Het hiernamaals van Doña Lisa gaat overigens later ook in het Amerikaans verschijnen bij Peter Lang Publishing in de bekende reeks Founding Fictions of the Dutch Caribbean (Post Colonial Studies) onder de redactie van Olga E. Rojer (vertaling) & Joseph O. Aimone.

Lucille Berry-Haseth (Curaçao, 1937) is taaldeskundige van het Papiaments, met name in de semantiek van deze, haar moedertaal. Zij heeft zich tevens weten te onderscheiden als redacteur, dichter en vertaler (uit het Nederlands, Engels en Spaans naar het Papiaments). Zij heeft drie Papiamentstalige dichtbundels op haar naam staan, was nauw betrokken bij het onderzoek naar de geschiedenis van het literaire Papiaments, resulterend in de driedelige studie van Aart G. Broek Pa saka kara (1999), en neemt deel aan een omvangrijk project dat leidt tot de uitgave van een verklarend Papiaments woordenboek. Voor haar werk ontving zij in 2014 de Cola Debrotprijs.

Inmiddels is ook de derde roman van Eric de Brabander, De supermarkt van Vieira uit 2013, in een Amerikaanse vertaling van Scott Rollins verschenen bij Dorrance Publishing Pittsburgh: Vieira’s Supermarket.

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