Writers Blog: Slow Train To Spain [3]

FotoLogoMrsPear2Over ‘The Wonderful Disappearance of Mrs. Pear’ van Roni Klinkhamer, 29 maart 2023:
(…) Actually the city where I do live, Haarlem that is, gave me a subsidy to write this book here and now. But the amount is not sufficient. So I invited some people to gimme some money, in exchange for a role in the book. Well, some people did, for which I’m ever so grateful. In fact, these people will be mentioned in the back of this paperback, under the title with thanxxx to: ……… ‘The wonderful Disappearance of Mrs. Pear’ has now 40 written, and edited, (by the author) of the max. 180 pages this book is gonna be. Because I wanna be a Paperback Writer too, instead of the GonnaWriteAClassicGonnaWriteItInAnAlley 660 + pages (no, thankGod not 666) of my last year published, very very fantastic book ‘Murphy Slaw’, the last of the thrillogy. (…)
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