«The author should be commended for his brilliance and artistry skills showcased in this book.»

deBrabander_frontcover__64457.1611673224On ‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ by Eric de Brabander on OnlineBookClub.org, 29 juli 2021
‘Vieira’s Supermarket’ by Eric de Brabander is a story that artistically used racism, family, dictatorship, resistance, and liberty to depict the early colonial times. The author told the story of a man in the 19th century named João Vieira. Due to an unfortunate incident between his dad and the government in power that resulted in his father’s death, João made a resolution to fight against the despotic, autocratic rule of the Salazar’s government. He teamed up with Captain Galvão Henrique and others with like goals. The effect of this action resulted in them not being able to go back to Portugal. Fortunately, the Brazilian government gave them the liberty of accommodation. (…) The plot of the book was incredible. (…) Another intelligent thing about this book was its connection. Although the author made use of an inorganic plot, he still made sure they all ended up connecting with one another, which made the book compelling. (…)
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